Vincent Peal became known within the electro rock formation Emma Peal for which this autodidact was also in charge of the visual of this unique and uncompromising group.

For about ten years now, Vincent Peal has swapped the microphone for a camera with an equally rare and radical vision of today's world.

He makes a documentary film on the marginalized living in the streets of Brussels and shoots several video clips in Super 8 in New York, Paris, Berlin ...

He also participates in the Shanghai World Expo with his photos on the slums of Bombay and on the problem of pollution of beaches in West Africa.


- Brussels Open City at  Editions de Juillet ( www.editionsdejuillet.com ) - 2016

- World News at Editions de Juillet ( www.editionsdejuillet.com ) - 2018


- Photojournalism Award at the NEW YORK photo Fair 2020


- Jury Prize at the 2018 Solidaris festival "What is a woman for you?" "

- 2017 winner of the “Greatest photo competition” at PHOTO magazine

- Photography prize at the Paris PX3 festival

- 1st prize in the 2016 “MAKE BRUSSELS” call for projects


- Jury Prize at the “Brussels Je t'aime” exhibition organized by the Minister of Culture.


- Book prize in Strasbourg at the “Rendez vous image 2015” festival.

- Winner of the “Bruxelles Plurielle” competition organized by the French-speaking Brussels Parliament.

- Winner of the “Go SHOOT it” competition 2015 organized by the Social-Cultureel Medewerker Curieus Brussels Vzw.

- Winner of the "Wishes 2014" call for projects from Smart.be

- Public Prize for the “Patrimoine Stéphanois” 2014.

Solo exhibitions
  • Gallery "RIVOLI 75" - Paris, 2018.

  • Nantes QPN - Nantes, 2018.

  • Galerie de l'Hectolitre - Brussels, 2018.

  • "La Zone" - Liège, 2017.

  • Make Brussels - Place du jeu de balle, Marolles, Nov. 2016.

  • Summer of photography - Center Culturel Jacques Frank - Bxl 2016.

  • Intuiti Gallery - Paris, 2015.

  • Galerie Verhaeren - Boitsfort, Belgium, 2015.

  • Espace Senghor - Brussels Open City exhibition, 2015.

  • Théatre Marni - River jazz Festival - Brussels, 2015.

  • Le Chaff- Place du jeu de balle - Outdoor exhibition, Brussels, 2015.

Collective exhibitions

  • The Chelsea International Photography Competition - New York, 2020.

  • The 70 'Blaes - Belgium, 2020.

  • Glasgow Gallery of photography - Scotland, 2019.

  • Korean Cultural Center - Brussels, 2018.

  • Hangar Art center - Brussels, 2018.

  • Bozar - Art truc troc Design, Brussels, 2018.

  • L'Art est aux Nefs - Nantes, 2017.

  • Hergé Museum, Artist trail - Louvain-La-Neuve, 2017.

  • Art Open kunst - Brussels, 2017.

  • Rendez-vous Images - Strasbourg 2017.

  • Fotofever PARIS - Carrousel du Louvre, Nov 2016.

  • Les Solidarités - Namur, August 2006.

  • Mannheim (Germany), La Galerie Böhner, 2015.

  • Saint Louis University, "Investigations through photography", 2014.

  • Estaimbourg, - At the Château de Bourgogne, June. 2015.

Making portraits is above all, getting closer to others and transmitting moments of life.

In the street, I saw dozens of faces, each one telling incredible stories, hard, beautiful, funny and sometimes complicated; but, in these faces there is a whole universe to discover and it is through the photo that I try to describe the human in all its sensitivity, its poetry, its fragility, its dramas, its absurdities, its emotions ...

A work must be a source of emotions and feelings but it must also lead to reflection.